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6K Tile Restoration is a leading Tile Contractor in the Lake Worth area. I provide my clients with a comprehensive approach to contracting and specialize in a wide range of services. Since I started out with the tile field in 2000, I’ve been committed to my clients’ needs and satisfaction. Get in touch to receive your free estimate today.

Feather & Flower Tiles

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Before the project gets started, our technicians will move all of your furniture, rugs, and tables. We just ask if you can remove any fragile items beforehand.  once everything has been moved, our technicians will thoroughly clean your tile and grout with machines that have rotating scrub pads and chemicals meant to leave your floor looking new, while scrubbing, rinsing, extracting and drying your floors. Next, they apply by hand the color sealant of your preference to the grout lines. We can match any manufactured grout color or we can also custom match any custom grout color. Your floors will be ready to walk on by the time the job is completed.

Tile Interior Design

Shower Cleaning and Regrouting 

   We use an antimicrobial grout to re-grout the walls and might use a urethane grout on the shower floors to stop the absorption and stay true to the grout color to minimize color shading. Lime deposits, calcium, and soap scum are easily removed by our specialized cleaning products.

Caulking can also be performed 1-2 times a year also depending upon how the shower is being maintained. Re-grouting typically is needed on most showers every 4-5 years or sooner depending on the maintenance in the interim

Swimming Pool Tile Installation

Other 6K Tile Services

  • Tile and grout cleaning

  • Floor inspections for hollow, cracked, and loose tiles

  • Grout color sealing ( With any color you need)

  • Bathrooms and Countertops

  • Shower Cleaning

  • Soft Wall Shower Repair

  • Shower Regrouting & Caulking

  • Repair Hollow, Buckling Tiles

  • Marble Restoration

  • Pressure Cleaning and Paver Sealing  

Floor Tile Installation
Large Modern House with Pool
Buildings Close Together

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